Where we add differential value

We advise fledging, vertically-integrated operators seeking partners to broaden their geographical reach or to establish market entry beachheads; established brands exploring options for diversification (product or service) or spin-off and new revenue streams; and organizations exploring unincorporated project alliances to achieve, their longer-term strategic objectives.

Crafting, structuring, negotiating, mediating, and rehabilitating contemplated or existing joint ventures in the following foreign market contexts:
  • Market Entry: Vertically-integrated operator-investors seeking one or more foreign country local partners to broaden their geographical reach or to establish market entry beachheads.
  • Diversification/Spin-Offs/Licensing: Growth-oriented companies exploring new markets for new or spin-off product lines or services; or established brands seeking options for licensing, hybrid diversification, increased market share or establishing new revenue streams.
  • Project Consortiums: Operators from two or more countries exploring unincorporated project alliances to achieve longer-term strategic objectives, in a third-party country.
  • Deadlocks: Solutions to resolve deadlocks or complex disputes between JV partners.

Greenfield joint ventures ​

Partner shortlisting


Structuring and goal alignments

Negotiation forums

Execution and reporting

Brownfield joint ventures ​

Integrity check-ups and enhancements


Operational alignments

Mediation and rehabilitation

Exits and other strategic options

How we work

Typically, our clients come to us after having identified a joint venture or project consortium opportunity. They seek our assistance in optimizing structures and developing an execution plan that pairs sustainable value with multi-streamed strategic objectives. We strive to provide our clients with moldable “process-template” solutions that can be integrated into their growth strategy; help them anticipate and manage opportunities and challenges long before they arise; and build and execute a joint venture risk and decision-management structure to fully benefit from their partnerships.

We also offer embedded services where we become part of your internal team for the duration of a project, offering seamless integration and helping to facilitate board and operating committee decision-making processes, working and existing plans and agendas.

Integrity and Compliance

In certain frontier markets, we have supported independent oversight and compliance programs aimed at reducing and mitigating against waste, fraud, abuse, ethical breaches and erosion of organizational mission integrity. For these assignments, our designated team typically reports directly to a client’s General Counsel or their Board of Directors. In previous such assignments, we have also taken embedded roles supporting multi-disciplinary internal and external teams, running coordination with international and local public institutions, and worked with our clients to navigate the relevant processes from incident management and resolution, to policy and operational enhancements in accordance with international best practices.

In certain instances, we were appointed to form and manage multidisplinary response incident teams tasked with resolving such matters.

Post-resolution, many of our clients have taken the proactive route and tasked us with designing and implementing transparency, incident reporting and response mechanisms. Under such remit, we integrated code of ethics and conduct into standard operating procedures, and designed and provided practical training and streamlined policy implementation programs for senior staff in order to achieve sound organizational stewardship, core mission efficiency and fiduciary responsibility.